Genavieve is wonderful! I recommend her to all my friends and family, and her gift certificates are perfect for Christmas and Birthdays. I love telling everyone how much she has helped me and hearing back from friends how awesome they think she is too. I suffered back pain for years and it was seriously affecting my ability to do just about anything, so finally I decided to try a chiropractor. Although it was helping, my chiropractor recommended adding massages to my weekly routine. Of course he was right. The combination of my chiropractic appointments and my sessions with Genavieve has been the key to my healing. She takes the time before each session to really listen to my concerns and then she gets right to work finding knots I didn’t even know I had. Pains, headaches, soreness, stress – all gone by the time I get up from her table. It is amazing how much difference 30 minutes a week with Gena has changed everything. I feel like I have started actually living my life again!

Eleasha K.

I suffer from chronic tension headaches and knotted, spastic upper back and neck muscles. After trying literally everything under the sun, I’ve found the only things that truly work are deep tissue massage and chiropractic care. I have been to numerous massage therapists and Genavieve is well worth the recommendation. She is attentive, knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about helping her clients. She also LISTENS to what you need instead of just doing the massage her way like many therapists I have been to in the past. Also, being in nursing school full time, my schedule is very limited and she has always been able to work me in when I need, whether its for a 60 minute full body treat or my desperate plea for a 30 minutes chair massage! I also hear she makes house calls. I highly recommend Genevieve to anyone and wish I had found her sooner

Heather E.

Genavieve is a gifted massage therapist. She listens to my concerns with careful consideration. I appreciate the fact that Genavieve gives me more than I expected. I leave my session feeling better every time!

Ana B.

I want to thank Dr Taylor for introducing me to massage therapist Genavieve Boyles! She has amazing techniques to work out all lumps and knots you may have. I highly recommend her healing hands! Definitely a 5 star!

Dawn B.

I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for years and while I will always see one religiously, there are some times where you just need a good massage. I’ve had plenty in the past but they’ve always taken multiple sessions to get it just right. After visiting Genavieve, I realized why the previous sessions took so long – it was because they DIDN’T LISTEN – Genavieve does. My most recent massage was just as good as the first. She listens to your issues  and her hands and technique find the spots every time. Also, my chiropractor loves seeing me after I’ve been to Genavieve. He says that I “adjust like butter” after her massages. So thats gotta be good!

Tamika T.

Genavieve makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

Kirsten P.

Genavieve is genuine and puts her heart and hands behind each massage she gives! Whether you are desiring relaxation or needing some deep tissues work, she is able to meet your needs!

Esther W.

I cant begin to describe how happy I am that I met Genavieve. I have referred countless patients to her who have soft tissue components to their injuries and each and every one of them come back simply raving about her skill. Genavieve is so good at what she does, I even referred my wife to her!

Dr. James N. Taylor, D.C.